Getting the Most out of Colorful Colorado

colorado scenery

colorado welcome

A traditional Colorado welcome sign, taken by teofilo.

Located in the western region of the United States lies the state of Colorado, known for its healthy living, beautiful mountains, and wonderful outdoor atmosphere. If you’re going to visit Colorado, learn how to enjoy the full experience, and enjoy everything this lovely state has to offer. The obvious reasons to visit are listed above, but there are several more underlying gems that aren’t as easily discovered. This guide will help you to not only find these, but share with you the experience of getting to know Colorado. Its a fabulous place to enjoy, but we don’t need to brag about it. The sights do all the talking for themselves.

Starting with the Colorado Rockies, there is something here for everyone to appreciate. The stunning views of the snow caps can be seen from miles away, but getting up close and personal really is the best way to understand how spectacular they really are. This is the home of the tallest peak in the US, and also the country’s biggest mountain range. There are several camping locations located on scenic drives up the mountain, or also day trails for a great hike. Maps can be found locally that will answer any questions of where to go. Some trails are short and simple, while others more difficult. If hiking isn’t an option, be sure to get up in the mountains to enjoy the view at least!

colorado scenery

The lovely countryside of Colorado, including some snowy mountains. Taken by Zach Dischner.

If you’re visiting Colorado, you are most likely crossing through Denver at some point on your itinerary. The list of things to do around Denver is quite numerous, but here are some of the highlights. Visiting the Coors Factory is definitely fun, so long as you’re above 21. The tour includes three free beers at the end as well, which is a nice bonus. There are some very good quality museums worth checking into, including the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This offers a touch of history with today’s technology and concern for preserving the environment. Denver is home to many professional level sports teams, including the Avalanche (hockey) and the Broncos (American football). These very popular and well attended events draw a huge crowd for the season games. Red Rock Amphitheater is only a short drive away, and is one of the most spectacular outdoor theaters in the world. Check to see who is performing and catch a great show. Experiencing city life in Denver has everything to offer, including the peace and quiet of the mountains only being a short drive away.

Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the Unites States, and has the lowest obesity rate. Join in on the health kick by getting outside, and getting some much needed exercise. Since there are many parks, both big and small, located consistently throughout the state, there are no excuses. Biking, walking, running, or hiking are all great ways to enjoy the lovely outdoors. Aside from just parks, Colorado has many gardens as well. Take your time to brush up on your flower knowledge or learn some from the gardens as you pass through.

Visiting Colorado is something you’ll never forget. It’s a place that leaves an impression, allowing a real vacation or holiday to take place. Whether you’re enjoying the wilderness in one of the parks, or sightseeing in Denver, you’ll be sure to have a stay to remember.